About New York Rubber Mulch and Tiles from DFS

Pawling New York, Home of New York Rubber MulchHeadquartered in Pawling, NY, located 55 miles north of New York City. New York Rubber Mulch and Tiles is a subsidiary of DFS LLC and a Distributor of various rubber products. A successful sales agency with over 25 years of experience, DFS LLC owns and operates many other internet companies that deal with retail and wholesale of a variety of different products ranging from Heath Care wall protection systems to Gym and athletic flooring and of course including rubber mulch, tiles and swing mats. Our companies have extensive business experience and we’re committed to professionalism and client satisfaction.

Dale Furnia (President) and Brian Furnia (Sales & Marketing Manager), saw a business niche in the ever expanding rubber mulch industry, and launched New York Rubber Mulch and Tiles in the spring of 2006. Business experience matters and between Dale and Brian they have over 37 years of sales experience including an in-depth knowledge of the rubber products industry. Both Dale and Brian lead exciting lives when not at work.

Dale, when not working can be found at many race tracks including Lime Rock, Watkins Glenn, Pocono and others, competing with his SCCA Spec Racer Ford race car. Brian also splits his week between the office and Flying for the New York Air National Guard. Both with type A personalities, put a great deal of effort into developing and maintaining successful companies.

Brian who had major input during  start-up is now moved on to become full time Air National Guard a division of the US Air force, who holds rank of Major, also flies C-130 Turbo prop Airplanes, quite often to Antarctica and Greenland

New York Rubber Mulch Corporate HeadquartersDFS LLC’s New York Rubber Mulch.com provides various products including rubber mulch, tiles, swing mats, borders and playground safety surfacing. The target markets are: Nurseries, Garden Centers, Landscape Suppliers, Builders, Developers and Playground Manufacturers that use rubber mulch and playground surfacing.
Our primary goal is to offer a dependable supply channel of quality rubber mulch products to help the profitability of our sales network.

The benefits of New York Rubber Mulch and Tiles Products:

Made From 100% Recycled Tires
99.89% Metal-Free
Environmentally Safe
Non-Toxic & Non-Staining
Non-Harmful To Kids Or Animals
Will Not Attract Insects
Soft On Children’s Hands And Knees
Will Not Cause Splinters
Excellent Drainage Characteristics
Heavier And More Durable Than Mulch
Will Not Float Or Blow Away
Protects Against Mosquito Nesting
Unique Polyurethane Color Coating
Non-Toxic And Color-Fast

New York Rubber products meet or exceed the standards set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) and The ASTM (American Society
For Testing and Materials)

    American Society For Testing and Materials