Recycled Rubber Equestrian Mulch From New York Rubber Mulch

Recycled Rubber Equestrian SurfacingEquestrian Rubber Surfacing from DFS is one
of the safest and most practical equestrian surfaces you can use for your arena. It provides all the important features you want for your horses, including a more cushioned landing for jumpers and less dust, especially in arid riding regions. Your equestrian surfacing is made from environmentally friendly recycled rubber tires.

Whether you mix this rubber mulch with sand or other surfacing materials, rubber equestrian mulch provides the best surface for shock absorption in your riding arena than almost any other equestrian application. Your jumpers will have fewer injuries and your riders will notice the difference a recycled rubber surface can provide for your riding arena. Horses recovering from injuries will find this product aids in their recovery by providing lower impact to minimize additional injury.

Summary of some Key Features of Recycled Rubber Equestrian Surfacing:

  • Rubber surfacing won’t break down like other materials
  • Less dust and mud after getting wet with rubber surfacing
  • Less bacterial growth than natural compounds
  • Improves safety and performance in the horse riding arena
  • Environmentally advantaged as a recycled rubber product
  • Long-lasting and cost effective compared to other surfacing
  • Won’t decompress like other equestrian surfacing products
  • Saves maintenance work allows you more riding time
  • Non toxic for safety to your horses
  • Reduces injury to your horses’ joints
  • Dries quickly after getting wet
  • Can be re-used after clean-up

Recycled Rubber Mulch is simply a great product for equestrian surfacing whether you are using it in riding arenas, for jumping, show horses or on a racetrack. Many experts have noticed faster times and fewer injuries to horses on a racetrack using a recycled rubber surfacing.

rubber equestrian surfacing

As horses age, rubber arena surfacing is one of the best ways to prolong the performance of a horse. Under normal use, this mulch can extend the life of your jumpers through softer landings. Because rubber equestrian surfacing won’t break down like other products, you will notice much less dust, which is better for riders and horses. Less dust reduces the need to water down the arena, saving water. Because the product is made from recycled rubber tires, you are also helping the environment by recycling.

Recycled Rubber Equestrian surfacing minimizes dust because it doesn’t break down into fine particles as easily as other equestrian surfacing. In fact recycled rubber surfacing hardly breaks down at all. This also lessens your maintenance costs and can save you money in the long run.

Equestrian Rubber Surfacing

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If you are running an equestrian related business to attract more riders and events, this will help drive your revenues because word will spread of your investment in safety and comfort.

You also have a choice of adding rubber equestrian surfacing to the depth you prefer for the type of application you have. Whether for dressage or reining you can choose to add more or less depth. You also can slowly integrate the rubber arena surfacing over a period of months to spread out the cost. You will be amazed at the benefits. You can start by adding 1-2 inches of depth and eventually upgrade to 2-3 inches for even better safety and traction.

Recycled Rubber Equestrian Surfacing

New York Rubber Mulch products meet or exceed the standards set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) and The ASTM (American Society For Testing and Materials)

    American Society For Testing and Materials