New York Rubber Playground Mulch

This innovative new product will keep your kids safe while saving you money. Have you noticed that new brilliant color underneath the playground equipment at your child’s school or the park in your neighborhood? Chances are that you’re looking at the New York Rubber Mulch commercial-use product for playgrounds.

Now, New York Rubber Mulch has used the same innovation to create a special product specifically designed for backyard use!

Recycled rubber playgrounds are changing the way people think about playground surfaces. Playground equipment for family backyards is typically put right on your backyard lawn or on a sand or soft particle surface such as wood mulch. New York Rubber Mulch now offers a better product for backyard use… New York Rubber Mulch, the safest, most economical rubber play surface for backyards on the market.

Unlike traditional products made from recycled tires, New York Rubber Mulch is 99.89% metal-free thanks to our innovative, multi-step process that removes virtually all of the metal wire used in the manufacturing of tires. Our unique process makes New York Rubber Mulch the safest backyard and commercial playground surfaces on the market.

SAFETY FIRST! New York Rubber Mulch playground rubber mulch provides that extra margin of safety and offers Moms and Dads a greater peace of mind by making the backyard playground not only a fun place, but also a safe place, for kids.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission provides extensive analysis of playground injuries, and their causes. They found that more than 200,000 children go to US hospital emergency rooms with injuries associated with playground activities

The New York Rubber Mulch DIFFERENCE

Tires are converted into recycled rubber in several different ways. Generally producers manufacture their playground surfacing material from a process of abrasion (ambient process): Tires are first shredded and granulated, and then put through a process using magnets to remove the metal wire which is placed in tires during their original manufacture. Our competitors manufacturing process may eliminate most of the exposed wire, but not all of it, setting a standard which is insufficient to protect our most precious resource, our children.