New York Rubber Specialty Playground Mats

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Spring sale on swing mats, normally 1 box of two $98.00, now only $75.00.

Heavy duty commercial Apex border normally $41.90 each, now only $29.50 and we’ll include free (4) 90 degree or 135 degree outside corners  with your order of 20 pieces or more.

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Swing Mats

New York Rubber Mulch Playground Swing Mats are 23″ wide by 38″ and weigh 26lbs. Developed for use under swings and slides to provide protection where a fall to surface may occur. It greatly reduces maintenance and prevents kick outs that occur with loose fill products.

swing-mat-sm-grUse these versatile rubber mats under swings on top of play surface to help minimize erosion and brush away of ground surface that occurs beneath swings, and for added cushion to the surface directly beneath the swing.

Swing mats are the best way to prevent ruts under your children’s swing sets and slides. Swing mats are made of 100% recycled rubber, and these swing mats are sturdy enough so they wont be sliding all over the playground. We manufacture our own swing mats, and have the lowest price on the market.

Swing mats can be used in residential or commercial applications and will last a long time. Contact us at 845-855-9700 to order yours today.

Access A Mat

New York Rubber Mulch Playground Swing Mats
New York Rubber Mulch Access A MatA breakthrough surfacing solution enabling easy access for all playground users. AccessAMats patent pending surface offers an unprecedented 15’ fall height protection while simultaneously offering a firm and stable surface for easy access. Superior ADA compliance with a combined score of less than 110 using the rotational penetrometer (RP).

The AccessAMat is produced right here in the USA using post consumer recycled products. An environmentally responsible product that also provides children with the safest possible play. This system is significantly cheaper the traditional unitary surface making it the #1 surfacing choice. The AccessAMat system is available in an array of colors that compliment all color schemes. The interlocking tiles offer ease of installation from novice to pro. Cold climates do not cause the AcessAMat system to harden or freeze allowing for safe and accessible use all year round.

AccessAMat, safer access for all.

SAFETY FIRST! New York Rubber Mulch playground products provides that extra margin of safety and offers Moms and Dads a greater peace of mind by making the backyard playground not only a fun place, but also a safe place, for kids.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission provides extensive analysis of playground injuries, and their causes. They found that more than 200,000 children go to US hospital emergency rooms with injuries associated with playground activities.

New York Rubber Mulch offers a variety of products with many uses and applications that last for years without replacement or fading.

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New York Rubber Mulch products meet or exceed the standards set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) and The ASTM (American Society For Testing and Materials)

International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association    American Society For Testing and Materials